Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday in Higginsville

   Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was 80 degrees F here in Higginsville, Missouri. The warmest its been all year so far. I decided it was too nice to stay couped up inside so i went out to see what I could do in my little town. I wanted to see about getting a gym membership. Neither of the two gyms in town however had any staff in them. No worries I thought let's go see about getting a haircut. We have one actual Barber Shop and one hair salon in town. Both of which were closed. That's a small town Sunday for you I thought. No matter I'll go to the walk track for a bit of a workout. They can't close that Sunday, night time, or otherwise. So off I went for a bit of a casual stroll in the windy warm April weather.

   These pictures were taken with my camera phone so they aren't the best in the world. My car is to the left of the two trees in the center of this picture. This is about a third of the way around the 1/2 mile track. The first place I sat for a breather today. I met another heavy set man doing a few laps. His name is still a mystery but apparently "Most people just calls me Bear." He was a nice enough guy but after that intro while seated on a park bench I felt a bit like a fat Forest Gump. As i got into my car and was about to drive away he passed by starting his second lap. I waved to him, he waved back and I was off.

   This is one of two Stoplights in our little town. Its on State Highway 13 almost on the edge of town. Its only there because of the Wal-mart off screen to the right in this picture. Wal-mart... also not closed on Sunday, though they do close early.


   This is Main Street and the only four way stop on the main drag. Some people want a stop light here but most of the locals " Just don't see the need to ugly up the town with a bunch of stop lights and such.". So where is a good place for an out of place Memphis boy, perhaps feeling a bit home sick, to go?

   That's right, a Confederate State Memorial Park. This is just outside of the city limits (I think). Its quite lovely though and a great place to go to enjoy nature and or a nice picnic.

   I think I found myself a thoughtful spot! There are four ponds in this park but I feel a peace and calm here. Once the trees bloom that one on the right provides nice shade to this bench as well. Sorry you can't read the name sign on this shot but as I said my camera phone sucks. I'll try to remember to bring my real camera next visit.

   Well that was my day wandering around my sleep little Sunday town of Higginsville. Where we have one bar, one barber shop, one hair salon, 2 stop lights, one movie theatre, and 16 churches. Yes 16 churches and that's just inside the city limits. Yeah this here is the Bible Belt alright. *spits* Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!