Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunny Days Keeping The Scientists Away

Better Know A Fictional Character - Part 2 - Mr. Snuffleupagus 

      If you think life is hard when people act like you don't exist, try being imaginary. Big Bird a.k.a the Armpit Snuggler brought this big lovable guy to life. Or did he? The adults of Sesame Street certainly think that is the case. However the children are always able to see him without any issues. Turns out this is not just the innocence of childhood working its magic. Mr. Snuffleupagus as it turns out is on the run and purposely hides his appearance from adults with a special medallion. Who is he on the run from you may ask... Paleontologists. Being one of the last surviving Wooly Mammoths paleontologists have been on his trail for years. They of course wish to kill and dissect him in the name of science. During his run from the law as it were he happened across a VooDoo Priestess deep in the swamps of Louisiana.

   In exchange for his tusks (removed via magical means) she created for him a special invisible amulet. This is of course the reason the proud creature has no tusks to this day. This necklace would obfuscate him from the view of anyone over the age of 10. This is largely dependent upon the way the human brain works, so its not a hard fast rule but more of a generality. During Snuffy's time in the swamp he also met a certain local amphibian at home for a visit.

   The two became friends before the creation of the amulet which is why Kermit was able to see him so easily. During their talks Snuffy told him of his life on the run, his steps to hide himself, and of course his love of cabbages. Kermit suggested he return to Sesame Street with him after the amulet was finished. No one would think to look for him their and their would be plenty of children for him to play with. This idea pleased Snuffy greatly so he happily agreed. Once they returned to Kermit's city home Big Bird was the first Kermit introduced Snuffy to.

   Big Bird held up a giant H for Hello to greet his new friend. The two became fast friends and hung out together all the time. They even started working on a Broadway production in their spare time.

    This of course never got off of the ground. Largely due to the fact that Snuffy couldn't be seen by their target audience. No one wants to financially back a huge crazy bird that sees giant hairy elephants that aren't there. The two are still best friends to this day and live together in the relative sanctitude of Sesame Street.

   I hope you enjoy this little tale. Thanks for stopping by to see what I had to share with you today. Take care and have an awesome day!

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  1. Wow... I forgot that Snuffy could only be seen by kids!