Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Groundhog Underground

Better Know A Fictional Character - Part 5 - Punxsutawney Phil

      Ah the annual Groundhog Day festival of Puxsutawney, Pennsylvania. A quaint public gathering meant to be a fun distraction of the harshness of winter. One would think this was set up by some clever public officials to help boost tourism in the off season. How far from the truth that is though. Punsutawney Phil is the friendly public face that draws attention away from The Groundhog Underground. All across the country, deep underground, these furry rodents monitor humanity. One would think of a James Bond villain lair or a CIA installation if they could see one of their command bunkers. Millions of eyes watching every move we humans make. Carefully cataloging our actions for use later. Why would they do this you may ask. To what end are they striving for? Well its simple. The groundhogs have brokered a treaty with our real enemy... SPIDERS! In exchange for keeping a close eye on humanity they will be spared once the final attack comes. With Humanity safely out of the way the groundhog will rise as the dominant mammal on planet earth. Will their peace with the spiders last? Who knows but from now on when you get that feeling you are being watched, you may want to check for groundhogs.

   Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I know I have been remiss in updating this thing lately. I will try to post more often. Take care fo yourselves and have an awesome day.


  1. And the spiders emerge once again! LOL

  2. They are like the wind, they are everywhere & nowhere waiting to knock you over when you least expect it. Stay vigilant!