Friday, February 4, 2011

Today is brought to you by the letters F and U

   Polite society frowns on certain words and phrases. I thought it might be fun to list them by the letters. So here we go...

A = Ass, Asshole, Arse, Ass spelunker, Anus, Anal, Ass to mouth, Asshat, Assbandit, Assburglar, Assmaster, Assclown, Asscrack, Assgoblin, Assjacker, Assmuncher, Asswipe

B = Bitch, Bastard, Boob, Boobs, Booty, Butt, Butthole, Butt-licker, Bush, Bukakkae, Blowjob, Bust-a-nut, Beaner, Bitchass, Bitchtits, Bollocks, Butt pirate, Bimblefuck, Butt plug, Boner,

C = Cunt, Cooter, Chink, Crap, Crapper, Cunny, Cockup, Cowgirl, Cameltoe, Carpetmuncher, Clit, Clusterfuck, Chode, Cock, Cockmaster, Coon, Cum, Cumbucket, Cracker, Cumbubble, Cunnilingus, Crack

D = Dookie, Dumbass, Dumbo, Dick, Dicked, Donkey dick, Donkey raping shit eater, Dickhead, Doche, Dochebag, Dicklicker, Dryhumping, Dildo, Dago, Dickbeaters, Dickbeater, Dickhole, Drop a duce, Dickmilk, Dickwad, Dickweed, Dyke, Doughnutbumper, Dong

E = Effin'

F = Fuck, Fucker, Fucking, Fucked, Fucktard, Fucksticks, Fuckup, Faggot, Feltch, Feltching, Fag, Fatass, Fellatio, Flamer, Flaming, Fag hag, Fuckbag, Fuckface, Fuck Off, Fucknut, Fudgepacker, Fisting, Fisted, Fistpumper, Fuckload

G = Gina, Goddamn, Goddamnit, George W. Bush, Gaylord, Gaywad, Gaytard, Guido, Gringo, Gooch, Goatfucker

H = Hoe, Horsefucker, Handjob, Handy, Heeb, Hard on, Homo, Hell, Hellion, Humping, Humper, Holy fuck

I = Icehole

J = Jackass, Jack off, Jacker, Jizz, Jisim, Jiggaboo, Junglebunny

K = Kinky, Kook, Kike, Kooch, Koochie, Kraut

L = Lameass, Llamafucker, Limey, Lameo, Lesbo, Lezzie

M = Motherfucker, Meekrab, Mcfaggot, Muff, Muffdiver, Munging, Mick

N = Nuts, Nigger, Nastyass, Niglet, Nutsack, Nipple, Nipple pincher

O = Orgasmic, Organ grinder

P = Penis, Pussy, Pussy fart, Pudpuller, Piss, Pissed, Pissing, Pisser, Panooch, Penispuffer, Piss flaps, Pole smoker, Pollock, Poon, Poonani, Porchmonkey, Puto, Pee, Peeing, Pisshole, Poop, Pooping

Q = Queef, Queer, Queerbait, Queerhole

R = Rimmer, Rape, Rank, Rimjob, Reverse Cowgirl

S = Shit, Shithead, Shitter, Slut, Slutty, Shit eater, Spic, Scholng, Sandnigger, Scrote, Scrotum, Shit for brains, Shitfaced, Shithouse, Skank, Sheepfucker, Skeet, Skullfuck, Snatch, Semen, Smeg, Smeghead, Spook, Stiffy, Spermdumpster, Shat, Shitload

T = Turd, Turd burglar, Twat, Turtlehead, Tampon licker, Tea bagging, Tea bagger, Tea partier, Tea bag, Tit, Tits, Titty, Titfuck, Tittyfuck, Twatwaffle, Testicles, Thundercunt, Thunder thighs, Twatlips

U = Unclefucker, Uberass, Uberslut, Uberwhore, Ubercunt, Uberjackass, pretty much any other curse word with Uber in front of it works

V = Vadge, Vagina, Vajayjay, Vaginal warts, Vibrator

W = Walrus ass, Wetback, Wanker, Whore, Wop, Woody

X = XXX, Xaboita

Y = Yo mama

Z = Zebrafucker

   Well there you have it my ABC's of curse words. I may have missed a few but I feel its a rather comprehensive list. Thanks for stopping by to check it out. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!


  1. Holy fuck! That's a fuckload of words! LOL

    This would be a go-to guide for 11 year old boys everywhere, lol

  2. Yes I did feel rather South Parky while writing it. :D