Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top 5 Video Games of All Time

   As my profile says I am a Geeky Wiccan Gamer. I thought it appropriate, in that case, to finally do a blog about video games. I thought about this last night as I was drifting off to sleep and have compiled a list. These are, in my opinion, the best games of all time. This means that they are iconic, replayable, addictive, and just plain fun. As always these are my opinions. I have not been compensated either way for my opinions neither do I care if you agree with me. If you don't agree however, I wouldn't mind hearing how your choices would differ so feel free to leave comments. I will say I am an avid fan of RPGs so my list may be a bit biased in that direction. So without further adieu I present my list of the top five video games of all time in reserve order ( *whispers* it helps build suspense).

Number 5 - Pac-Man

   It might not have been the first coin operated video game (This was not Space Invaders as most people think. It was in fact "Galaxy Game". Which was released in September 1971 on the campus of Stanford University.) but it was certainly the first to catch on so famously. If you grew up in the 80s this Iconic game was inescapable. It was literally everywhere. It inspired several sequel video games, pinball games, a Saturday morning cartoon, a breakfast cereal, tons of merchandise and a smash hit Gold Album song that hit number 9 on the Billboard charts...

Pac-Man Fever - Buckner & Garcia

   I remember a kid in my 4th grade class had a Pac-Man themed birthday party. Pac-Man plates, cups, napkins, birthday cake, marshmallow treats with Hershey's kisses for eyes and of course it was held at the local arcade. If you had a quarter in your pocket when you passed a Pac-Man machine you stopped and played, even if you had to wait your turn. If this list was about the most profitable Pac-Man would clearly take top billing.

Number 4 - Super Mario Brothers

   Originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. It was largely responsible for the success of the NES gaming platform and was the best selling video game for over two decades. It has sold almost 41 million copies worldwide. Again it became part of popular culture with its own Saturday morning cartoon show, a live action kid's show, sequel video games, tons of merchandise, and is still used in pop culture references today...

Tosh.0 - Live Mario Brothers

   I used to go down to my local video rental shop and rent an NES system on the weekends just so I could play this game. It is also the reason I bought my first console video game system. Super Mario Brothers will always hold a special place in my heart.

Number 3 - Grand Theft Auto IV

    Rockstar Games made it on the map with their release of Grand Theft Auto in October of 1997 for the PC. Grand Theft Auto 4 is by far the best of the series. It has its own expansions which are stand alones (The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony). This series of games while very controversial are widely embraced by pop culture and the public in general.

MAD TV - Grand Theft Auto

   I have spent many, many hours playing and replaying these games. They are fabulous stress relief and a fun departure from the real world for those adults sane enough to know the difference between fantasy and reality.

Number 2 - Star Ocean : The Second Story

    This game is future meets the past, star wars gets medieval with a final fantasy feel. It was the first of this series to be released for sale in the US in 1999 for the original Sony Playstation. The last great video game of the 20th century. This game has a secret dungeon at the end which opens after beating the game which makes it almost a completely separate game experience. I've played completely through this game three separate times, not to mention the sequels. If you love RPGs and still have access to a PS1 or PS2 you should definitely give this game a try.

Number 1 - Final Fantasy 7 

   THE most epic RPG series of all time. This game was original released in 1997 for the original Sony Playstation. It was originally slated to be released for the SNES but was moved to the Nintendo 64 after its release. However the N64 lacked the required storage capacity so SquareSoft (now Square Enix) moved it to the Playstation instead. This game was truly ahead of its time. The storyline was well told and moving. This is the first video game that made me cry. This clip includes a battle sequence from  4.20 to 7.30 a helpful hint for those that want to skip to the remainder of this touching scene.

FF7 - Aeris' Death Scene

    There are plenty of side quests that can be done even after beating this game. From the Battle Arena, to fighting the Ultimate Weapons, to Chocobo Breeding. I have played through this game completely four times and watched others play as well. While this is part of a series and the whole line is awesome it is by far the best in said series This game has inspired movies, games, and is without a doubt the greatest video game of all time. I leave you with a personal favorite clip from the game, something those that have played and beaten the game should be VERY familiar with...

FF7 - Knights of the Round Summon

   I hope you enjoyed my choices. If you feel differently you are welcome to leave an intelligent comment. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!


  1. Two of your top 5 games are ringtones for my cellphone :-)

    Super Mario Brothers and PacMan

  2. See we are so alike in our geekiness. :D