Sunday, December 19, 2010

Albums are those things people used to buy before MP3s

December 19th - A Song From Your Favorite Album

   If you've been following along this month you should know by now that my favorite musical artist is "Weird Al" Yankovic. You should also know that my favorite band is They Might Be Giants and that my favorite comedy team (musical or otherwise) is Monty Python. It should then be a shock to you that my favorite album is not from any of these three powerhouses. Although I love each of these performers dearly a favorite album has to be one in which you absolutely LOVE every song on it. I admit there are songs on these performers albums I jump over. Either to get to a song I like better or because I just don't particularly care for that song much. There is however one album that I never tire of. I love every song on it and have never skipped a song for any reason. That album is "Blues Brother - The Definitive Collection". So I bring to you a few songs from that album...

Can't Turn You Loose - The Blues Brothers

   You can't deny the Blues Brothers of their iconic intro. Just hearing this song begin to play makes my pulse quicken. And now that they are on stage let's move on...

Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love) - The Blues Brothers

Soul Man - The Blues Brothers

Sweet Home Chicago - The Blues Brothers

   I could go on and on and post the whole album but I won't. Although it does take great restraint. I love the Blues Brothers and I miss John Belushi very much. Others try to replicate them but nothing quite has the same feel. Jim Belushi as Zee Blues with Dan Ackroyd as Elwood Blues does come close though. I hope you enjoyed this music and I hope your day is an awesome one!

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