Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Miss You Johnny

December 28th - A Song That You Wish You Could Play

    I can not play the guitar. In middle school music class they covered guitar chords and tried to teach us but I didn't do so well. I think its probably the same reason I can't play the piano with both hands. My hands tend to want to do the same thing when I play instruments. The desire to play songs like this one and others is almost enough at times to make me want to try again though. I'd love to be able to sit around a campfire and strum out a tune while singing. Rest assured if I ever do learn how to play this will most likely be the first song I get good enough to play.

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

   My friend Melody can totally play this song on guitar & sing it as well. I am so jealous of her talent! Thanks for stopping by today. Hug your loved ones and have an awesome day!

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