Monday, December 27, 2010

I Love A Big Brass!

December 27th - A Song That You Can Play on An Instrument

    Music has always had a special place in my heart. When I was in elementary school I would peck out songs on the piano by ear. I learned to play the recorder at church (yes I used to go when I was little). In high school I finally joined the school band. I started on the baritone horn but had trouble with the high notes. My teacher suggested I try the tuba instead. I took to it like a duck to water. After a few months of playing I was moved up to the advanced band (skipping intermediate entirely) and received various solo performance awards all the way up to the state level. My tuba got me to college. Without the scholarships for it I doubt I would have been able to afford to go. I also taught myself to play the harmonica while I was in high school. A couple of years ago I bought a set of bag pipes but I haven't ad much luck with them. However due to my band experiences I can play any brass instrument. So first I give you a song I can play by myself.

Tequila - The Champs

   Next I give you not only one of my favorite soundtrack pieces but one of the songs I enjoyed most that I got to play with an orchestra. You haven't really experienced this song until you are sitting in the middle of a talented orchestra full of musicians playing it yourself.

The Raiders March (Raiders of the Lost Ark) - John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra

   Such fond memories come flooding back listening to that song. I hope you enjoyed my blog today. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!


  1. I missed my chance to be in band or orchestra. The school district I attended in elementary school started in 7th grade. My 7th grade year started in my current town, where band/orchestra begins in the 4th grade. However, I had several friends in it and always attended the concerts. I always loved it when they did movie scores :-)

  2. I didn't get into band until 10th grade. I really wish I had discovered it sooner! Wish I still had something to play. I haven't played a brass instrument since 1990 :( Tubas are fricking expensive!