Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let's Go A Different Route

December 26th - A Song That Makes You Laugh

   As you know I love Weird Al. He is the king of all that is parody! I also love They Might Be Giants. Their songs always make me smile. The Monty Python crew are also always good for a laugh. However there is a song that gets me rolling on the floor laughing. To truly enjoy it you have to be familiar with a guy named Danny. If curse words offend you, well you probably aren't here in the first place however this song is extraordinarily full of them, you have been warned!

Freedom of Speech (Tourettes Guy Remix) - HappyFat and Chinese

   It had been rumored for a few years that Danny had died. Turns out he was just in jail and has a couple of new videos out. Just an update for any fans out there. Here's another funny classic I found because of youtube. Its short but I guarantee you it will stick in your head, again you have been warned.

Llama Song - Burton Earny

   I could go on all day posting stuff but I don't want to bore anyone. Thanks for stopping by to see what I had to say. Take care of each other and have an awesome day!

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