Saturday, December 4, 2010

A River of Sadness

December 4th - A Song That Makes You Sad

   Ok you knew this one was going to be a Country song right? Come on now, I'm a Southern boy after all. When it comes to sad songs Country songs always win. You know how when you hear a song playing and no mattering what you're doing time sort of stops. You drift off in your head and you are just lost to the world until the song ends. A good sad song always does that to me. So here's my choice and then I'll discuss why.

Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss

   This song is incredibly sad in its own right. However for me it strikes a chord. I spent about a year of my life doing the same thing. It was after my first ex and I realized we didn't work as a couple but while we were still room mates. She had not only moved on and started dating another guy but he had moved in with her / us. Although I knew we didn't work as a couple I was still very much in love with her. So rather than subject myself to coming home from work everyday and seeing them together I went to the local bar. I'd go home, shower change, maybe grab some food (most nights I didn't even bother) and head to Morrie's Tavern. A local, what I called, redneck bar. It was two blocks at most from my house so even if I was too drunk to drive home I could walk home and then walk back to get my car the next morning. Some days I didn't even bother going home first. I'd go straight to the bar if I got off work early to make sure I got to partake in happy hour. Then more often then not I'd just stay for the night. The bar closed during the week at 1am and on the weekend at 3am and most nights I closed it down. There was a bar at the other end of town that was open two hours later every night and occasionally I'd head there after closing down Morrie's. Being the South the bars were closed on Sunday but I had Sunday's and Monday's off. So I'd find somewhere else to be on Sunday's. It was my one day a week to dry out. The other six days a week if I wasn't at work I was either drinking or drunk. The one thing I learned from this was rather obvious. If you drink to escape your problems, once you sober up your problems are still there waiting for you.

   Well that's my little story for the day. Thanks for stopping by to read it. My wish for you is to never know this kind of sadness in your life. Have an awesome day!


  1. Tim McGraw's "Dont Take the Girl" a favorite sad country song of mine.

  2. I generally don't like Tim Mc Graw but that is a good sad song.