Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Happy And Joyous Yule To One And All

   Its Winter Solstice time again. All of us good little Pagan boys and girls get our presents four days early. This is a time of joy and celebration so I thought I would take some time and post a few of my favorite things of the holiday season. These would include my favorite Holiday movies, specials, songs, TV shows, and video clips. A little of everything I associate with the season. Lets start with my favorite holiday movie. Its a takeoff on the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol"

Scrooged - Bill Murray, Carol Kane, Bobcat Goldthwait

   Before there was a South Park on Comedy Central there was just two guys with a dream. They made a video clip of a little show they believed in. With almost no budget and no backing they produced a five minute episode  and distributed it on the internet. This was before youtube when you pretty much had to rely on email forwards to get your clips seen. But they hung in there and got their message out. That would be pilot episode had a Christmas theme and was the funniest Christmas special I had ever seen. So here it is South Park Spirit of Christmas or soxmas as the original clip was named.

Spirit of Christmas - South Park

   When I was a kid this was my favorite Christmas special. I love Dr. Seuss. He is very much missed.

You're A Mean one, Mr. Grinch (How The Grinch Stole Christmas) - Dr. Seuss

   And now a holiday commercial break. Let's face it nothing quite says its time for the holidays like seeing your favorite holiday ads on TV.

Garmin - Original Holiday Ad

Target - 2009 Holiday Ad

   OK back to the show. Next on the list I have some of my favorite Holiday songs to share with you. First up is an all time favorite. Its classic, its timeless, and its catchy. The video is cute which makes it even better.

White Christmas - The Drifters

   Next up is a little number from the King. I guess being a Memphis born Southern boy makes loving this Christmas song a must.

Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley

   OK now we move away from the tradition songs. These next few songs are a bit out there but are a big part of the Holiday season to me. First up is a Christmas carol from a special little 10 year old.

O Holy Night -Eric Cartman

   Next is a sad Holiday song from a friend of his.

I'm a Jew on Christmas - Kyle Broflovski

   Next is a special treat from the Muppets. Well three of them anyway.

Ringing of the Bells - The Muppets

   While we are visiting with the Muppets I thought I'd add a song of theirs I have loved since I was a little boy. It was originally on the  Muppet Christmas Special with John Denver. It sums up my feelings of the holidays pretty well. We should all stop fussing and fighting and getting offended by other peoples beliefs. The holidays are a time to come together and celebrate. Quit focusing on what you call it, what you think it should entail, and what your beliefs are and just reach out to your fellow man.

The Christmas Wish - John Denver & The Muppets

   Lastly I would be remiss if I did not mention my favorite instrumental holiday song. Its just not the holidays to me until I've heard this song.

Christmas Eve in Sarajevo - Trans Siberian Orchestra

   Well that's the end of my little collection of holiday cheer. I hope it helped put you in the Holiday spirit if you were lacking in it. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!

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  1. I really liked this. It was very cool to see you adding in your favorite commercials on this list! I also loved the song selection, especially Trans Siberian Orchestra (of course I am biased on that since that's my favorite song for the season).