Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wedding Bells Will Ring

December 23rd - A Song That You Want to Play at Your Wedding

   A wedding normally ends up being more about what the woman wants. Disagree and or scream at me if you will but we all know its true. However a song or two played at the reception is generally within the meager amount of decision the man gets to make. Although I have two ex-wives I have never been legally married. Neither have I ever had any form of public ceremony or reception. This is partly because I am a man of simple tastes. You don't need a piece of paper from the state to solidify your commitment to someone. Actions speak louder than words, be they written or spoken.

More than Words - Extreme

   That song expresses what I want from my significant other, as well as what they can expect from me. A lifetime of doing what we can to show how much we care for each other. This next song expresses what I would hope I would feel about the woman I marry. Its a beautiful song, and I can actually sing it fairly well.

Lonestar - Amazed

   I would very much like a really wedding one day. With any luck the next woman I marry will be the last and we will live happily ever after.


  1. Two beautiful songs :-)

    You are sooooo going to laugh/appreciate my geekness for the song I picked.

    "It's astounding..."

  2. I can't wait. :D I chose the emotional heartfelt path rather than the strange and unusual, though there are a few that I considered.

  3. Believe me, I have plenty of emotional heartfelt ones that I would like to hear, but for tomorrow's blog... I had to go for something extremely untraditional :-)