Thursday, December 16, 2010

This May Take A Minute

December 16th - A Song that You Used to Love But Now Hate

   This is a hard category for me. I have many songs I used to hate and now love but not many the other way around. Poison's Every Rose Has Its Thorn almost made this category recently. This past year it seemed to pop up EVERYWHERE. The over use really got on my nerves. Thankfully it receded in its appearances before it crossed the line. I am just too much a fan of music I guess. I have to have something hammered into me mercilessly to develop a hatred of it. OK let's see there has to be at least one. *Enters a meditative state to ponder the question* This may take a moment hang in there folks... *hold music begins to play*

The Girl From Ipanema (Instrumental) - The Music Of Brazil

   OK I'm back with you now. Sorry for the interruption. I have accessed the deepest recess of my memory banks in search of a song to fit this challenge and I think I may have found one. Garth Brooks my favorite country music artist. I had a friend when I worked at Pizza Hut that also loved Garth Brooks. He was an assistant manager so he stayed in the store while I went out to deliver the orders. For a solid month every time I came back from a run it seemed like this damn song was playing. At the time it made me hate it. Enough time has passed now that it is just a dislike. But if I hear it coming on and I have the power to skip it or change to another channel I do. So here it is...

Shameless - Garth Brooks

Alrighty then, that was a tough one but we got through it. Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. Take care of your selves and your loved ones, and have a super awesome day!


  1. Loved your version of the waiting music (better than the Jeapordy theme).

    You aren't alone when it comes to this song. I am a fan of Garth Brooks but as a preteen, I noticed that this song was overplayed. Then again, Billy Joel recorded this song two years before Garth did and my parents played both version all the time.

  2. Yeah it got a lot of playtime and my friend at Pizza Hut played the heck out of it and Rodeo, lol He was from Kentucky and Garth Brooks was like a God to him. And my waiting music is what I always default to for internal hold / downtime music. It was played in the elevator over the Muzak system in The Blues Brothers (while they were in the Office Building near the end of the movie trying to pay off the Orphanages taxes to the Cook County Assessor). One of my favorite flicks while I was in High School.