Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Know What Your Thinking But He's Just a Guy

December 11th - A Song From Your Favorite Band

    Well of course my favorite musical artist is Weird Al. He of course has his regular back up band. But when I think of the term band it just doesn't apply to him and his cronies. In my opinion, Weird Al would be just as good alone or with other people backing him. This makes him stand out as an artist in my mind not a band. When I think of the question "Who's your favorite band?" one group jumps to mind. They Might Be Giants is a talented group of guys. They better fit the term band and truly their music would not be the same without all of them. Now when you think TMBG most people think of Particle Man or Istanbul (Not Constantinople). While those are great songs there is another that claims the title of my favorite TMBG's song.

Why Does The Sun Shine? - They Might Be Giants

   Yes as I've stated before and in my profile I am a geek. I like the scientific aspects of this song. It contains accurate information that helps informs in a fun way. Not to mention it just makes me happy. And while we are speaking of TMBG I think I will give you a second helping of their greatness. The first TMBG album I ever bought was "Flood". This album of course did not have "Why Does The Sun Shine?" on it. So my favoitre song from that album was...

Whistling in the Dark - They Might Be Giants

I hope you enjoyed these songs and thanks for stopping by. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!

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  1. I've always liked They Might Be Giants. I dont own any of there albums but there are many songs of theirs that I love.