Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cross Genre Goodness

December 21st - A Song You Listen to When You're Happy

   My musical taste varies greatly. So when I am happy there's no telling what you'll hear coming out of my speakers. However there is one song in particular I love to hear when I'm in a good mood. Its funny and it always makes me smile. There is just something about hearing a rap song come out with a country twang that tickles me to no end. My friend Melody introduced me to this song. She got the group wrong and thought it was the Barenaked Ladies when it is in fact The Gourds. But we all make mistakes now and then. I bring you one of my favorite cross genre songs...

Gin and Juice - The Gourds

   In the same vein there is one more song I'd like to share. This one I found all on my own. Its by a funky little group called Boss Hoss. This song is even more bizarre as this group is from Germany.

Word Up - Boss Hoss

   Well that's about all for this post. Thanks for stopping by and have a freaking awesome day!

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  1. I've actually heard of The Gourds before. Good picks on songs today!!!!