Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Boy Band Madness

December 12th - A Song From a Band You Hate

   Well I already picked on the Backstreet Boys. So I think this time I'll bash the band I consider to be their partners in crime. Yes that's right N'Sync! I would have been quite happy if both of these bands fell off the face of the earth back in the mid 90s. I will admit that I like Justin Timberlake these days. But as a comedian NOT as a singer! He is hilarious in the skits on SNL. So much so he has made me forget I used to hate him for his crimes against music with his boy band cronies. So it is my distinct displeasure to bring you this...

Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync

    I wish they had gone gone gone! Why do I hate boy bands so much? Maybe its because I'm a straight male. Maybe its because I have a musically trained ear. But I think its really because they turn women into annoying, screaming, stupid, pathetic masses of quivering flesh. They don't posses super powers ladies they are just a bunch of guys who's voices have been computer enhanced to sell more records. Everything about them has been faked to make them more popular. Seeing them in concert is like watching a really bad musical and seeing them being interviewed is like watching a well rehearsed court deposition. Go listen to some real music and if you want to get turned on do what guys do and go watch some porn!

Alrighty then that about wraps it up for today. Thanks for stopping off briefly to see what I had to say. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!


  1. For the record, I was never the annoying, screamind, stupid, pathetic kind of boy band fan. I never made former boyfriends listen to it.

    I do admit that I still listen to this music, call it my "Single Girl behavior," you know the stuff you get to to when not around a significant other. :-)

  2. All my past significant others continue with that behavior to spite our relationship. But they didn't allow me to continue my "Single Male Behavior" Other than video games of course I always make sure my mate to be is also a fan so that is never an issue. I R smart! I even had one girlfriend I was with for just over a year go so far as to FORBID the playing of Weird Al in her presence. That sort of thing would never fly these days but back then I was young, stupid, & eager to please.