Friday, November 19, 2010

Drugs & Alcohol

Installment 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

   Everything in moderation! This statement is a good place to start. Now technically just about everyone on the planet uses drugs in one form or another. Sugar is a drug. Caffeine is a drug. Nicotine is a drug. However I feel the spirit of this challenge is referring to the illegal and or prescription & over the counter drugs.  There are a lot of drugs that are quite bad and shouldn't be allowed to be used without a prescription. However there are some drugs that are illegal in America that are actually less lethal and or problematic than alcohol. That does not mean you should break the law to get them. Respect for the law should always be upheld. We can however try to effect change on the laws we don't agree with.
   I personally do not see any problem with marijuana. It is less detrimental to your health than alcohol or cigarettes. It is not the evil thing that we are led to believe by all of the anti-pot commercials. Those are just there because its illegal. The only hitch is that it IS illegal in most parts of the country today. If you disagree with this strongly enough you should try to effect change to get it legalized. Attend or organize rallies. Write letters to your state and or local legislators. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Again, I am not saying its ok to break the law! It is never ok to break the law. Laws are in place for our protection and following them is a small price to pay for the freedoms we enjoy.
   All this being said if its legal then as I started this post off with, Everything in moderation. Having a few beers now and then is more than fine. Even getting drunk off your ass once in a while can be fun and even therapeutic. Provided you DO NOT attempt to drive, operate heavy machinery, handle firearms or supervise children while under the influence. The only time alcohol really causes an issue is when people over indulge in a careless manner. Some people have serious addiction problems and can not handle moderating their consumption. If you know you are one of these people then you probably shouldn't drink.
   If people would just use their brain this world would be a better place. Be it religion, politics, alcohol, drugs, personal opinions, whatever... BE SMART! If you stop and think for a moment all of these potential problems can at the least be severely lessened, if not avoided altogether. In short don't be a douche and remember, Everything in moderation!

Thanks for stopping by to give this a read. Be excellent to each other, party on dude and have an awesome day!

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