Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes sad is good

   Well today's earlier list put me in a list kind of mood. Personally when I get all bummed out and depressed sometimes the only thing that seems to help is watching a sad movie or listening to a sad tune. Sometimes a good cry helps to heal. That may be an odd thing to hear a straight man admit but it is nevertheless true. With that in mind I decided to list my top 5 tear jerking moments from movies I love. So if you aren't ready to shed a tear or two you probably shouldn't watch these clips. ***WARNING: Potential spoiler alert. Some of these clips show the ends or important plot points of said movies. You have been warned!***

#5 Wall-E

Wall-E - Final Scene

   Yes an animated movie made it into my list. The relationship between Eva and Wall-E develops throughout the film. By the time you get to this scene you are totally emotionally invested. Eva does everything in her power to save the one she loves. Then after she achieves her goal he has no memory of her. It tore my heart out the first time I saw it. Even after their kiss and his memory returns you are left with an emotional turmoil inside. Happy that they made it through this trial together but sad that they had to go through it. It makes me tear up every time!

#4 Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump - Mrs Gump Dying Speech

   There are many sad moments in this film but for me this moment is the most emotional. The one person in the world that loved Forrest unconditionally and would do anything for him is taken away. You have to be made of stone not to react to that!

#3 Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Lord of the Rings:The Return Of The King - Coronation

   This scene never fails to bring the waterworks. Not only are we wrapping up the epic adventure and seeing our heroes all cleaned up and safe and sound but then they go hardcore. Aragorn gets his queen. Arwen gives up her eternal life as an elf, her culture, her people, and her family to be with the man she loves. If that wasn't enough to reduce you to tears the walk through the crowd and come upon the four Hobbits. Aragorn delivers his memorable line "My friends, You bow to no one!" everyone bows before them giving them the recognition they so dearly deserve. I have yet to make it through this scene with tears rolling down my cheek.

#2 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RIng - Sam's Promise

   Knowing everything they have been through so far. Knowing how difficult the looming journey before them is. Sam would rather die trying to reach Frodo to accompany him than to stand by and watch him leave alone. Is there a better definition of a true friend than that? Don't we all wish for and treasure that kind of relationship? Put all that together with the fact that we have just lost two major characters (for the moment at least) and Sam's words bring that reality back into focus, then how is there a dry eye left in the house?

#1 Braveheart

Braveheart - Final Scene

   This movie was my favorite until it was recently dethroned by Avatar. I have always felt a deep connection with the character of William Wallace as well as the plight of the Scottish people portrayed in this film. We have just seen the brutal torture of William Wallace and his refusal to betray his ideals then we cut to this scene. Robert the Bruce, in an effort to finally do the right thing as well as to avenge the death of the man that inspired him to be a better man for himself and his country, decides to forgo the deal brokered by his father and take his crown by force. When Hamish steps forward and tosses William's sword onto the battlefield and it sticks burying itself into the ground a lightning bolt shoots through my spine every time. Then as William Wallace's words voice over the very end it tears through my very soul. I do not even have to see this scene anymore simply hearing the speech at the very end will send my into tears.

   I wanted to embed these clips for easier viewing but their were issues with that. I wanted to be consistent with the way the clips were presented so I opted to provided links instead. I think this list only further cements my self proclaimed Geek status. Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read. Feel free to leave any comments about my choices or listing your own. Take care and have an awesome day!


  1. An animated movie made my "tearjerker moments" blog... Toy Story 3. I literally had tears running down my face at the end of that movie, which made watching it in 3D just a little difficult, lol

  2. I had heard that Toy Story 3 was too sad to be watched. I was moved but didn't find it to be the sobfest that others seem to have. Then again I am not a parent so that could be the reason.

  3. For me it wasn't because I am a parent. I was 11 when the first Toy Story movie came out. So it was because I grew up with the movies and since that chapter was ending with Andy, it just hit me. I knew that's how the movie was going to end (I cheated and read the book at Target one day) but it still made me cry.