Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My "List"

   The "List" I am referring to is the list of the top 5 celebrities you would want to have sex with. Ideally this list takes precedence over any relationship you may be in. They did an episode on this on "Friends" and several other shows have mentioned it. My friend @CLeighS1983 author of Organized Chaos! did a posting on this subject today so I am once again taking a queue from her. So with that in mind here is My "List"

#5 Hitomi Tanaka 

She is a Japanese model turned porn star. She is exotic, gorgeous, and amply endowed. I'd like to say I admire her for her brains or her charming personality but the truth is I know nothing about her. Her place on my list is purely based on her looks and the clips I have seen her in. Hey what do you want from me? I'm a guy and I know what I like!

 #4 Jeri Ryan

Yes "7of 9" from Star Trek Voyager. Those that know me am already aware I am a Geek at heart. So her appearance in this list shouldn't be such a huge surprise. Here again I don't know much about her as a person. But I enjoyed her worked on the series and she has the hotness!

#3 Catherine Tate

Again my Geek side shows through. She is Donna from the revived BBC series Dr. Who. Her gorgeous red hair, warm smile, and creamy complexion pull me in. Her hilarious comedy keep me around and make me a die hard fan. I would love to hang out with her for hours talking and laughing over drinks.

#2 Catherine Zeta Jones

Ever since I saw her in "The Mask of Zorro" I have been hooked. Seeing her in the T-Mobile commercials later on just sealed the deal. She has a timeless beauty reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. She is classy, elegant, and somehow dirty at the same time. Oh the things I could do to her!

And finally Number one. Those who know me say it with me...

#1 Alyssa Milano

What can I say? Beauty, elegance, personality, acting ability, concern for her fellow man through her various charity work. This woman has the whole package. I developed a crush on her back in her "Who's The Boss" days. She was very close to my age and I identified with her. I have been hopelessly hooked ever since. I could die a happy man just to meet her in person once and see her smile at me in person.

   Well that's my list. Notice anything in common between the five? That's right not a blonde among them. I do my best not to judge on appearances but the bleached blonde air headed barbie doll does NOTHING for me. Brains and personality are so much more important. After all outward beauty can fade but stupid is FOREVER!

Now with my "List" out of the way on to new business.

Installment 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

   This one would have to go to my best friend from high school. We were thick as thieves back in the day and stayed friends after graduation and brief stints in college for both of us. I had a job doing Tech Support with Gateway and helped teach him what I knew so he could get a job there as well. We both need to get out of our present living situations so we decided to get an apartment together. I carefully chose a place that we could afford even if one of us lost his job to try to prevent any problems in that area before they arose. That way one of us could cover the other until they found a new job. This way there would be no hard feelings not to mention we wouldn't get tossed out on our ass. I always try to plan ahead for things like this but I didn't really think it would be an issue. Well true to the luck that seems to befall me after just one month on our new place I lost my job. This was after my car engine sized up because I forgot to change the oil. Yes I know, I'm an idiot, on with the rest of the story. With no car and limited prospects finding a new job proved difficult. When I did finally get a new car & job it was as a temp and due to circumstances beyond my control I lost that job within a month. This left my friend to pay our bills by himself and as the months went by things got worse between us. After months of this we had a serious discussion about the matter. He asked me one day how long I would put up with this if the roles were reversed. I did not want to influence his decisions by telling him I wouldn't have cared I told him I didn't know. When pressed I told him I guess three months or so. I was trying to empathize with him and let him know I knew how frustrated he was with things. This answer upset him as it had been longer than that already and I feel the nail in the coffin for us as room mates. Our lease was up the next month, yes it had been 10 months at this point with me out of work, so he decided we should just go our separate ways. I did not blame him for this decision at all and in fact agreed it would be best. We intended to remain in touch and stay friends. He said the monetary issues didn't bother him and wouldn't spoil our friendship. But as time passed guilt got the better of me. I felt I couldn't even talk to him anymore until I repaid him. Because of this I didn't respond to an email from him one day and that was the last time we have spoken directly. I keep tabs on him through a mutual friend. He's married now and doing well and I couldn't be happier. My life has been in turmoil ever since, not because of this but because it seems to be my lot in life, so I still haven't been able to pay him back. He is however at the top of my list to repay when I am able. A day never passes that I don't think about him and mourn the loss of his presence in my life. I miss you Brian and I wish nothing but the best for you and Rebecca.

   As always I want to thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a read. Remember to let your friends and loved ones  know how much they mean to you, and often. You never know when the last time you will see them will be. Take care of yourselves and have an awesome day!


  1. Yep, you are a geek. If anyone denied it, they need to look at your list again! ;-)

  2. Two Sci-Fi heavy hitters, a Japanese porno star and One of the "Charmed" ones... How much Geekier could it get? LOL