Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is Time to Unite

   I would like to take this opportunity to address an ongoing concern of mine. Something that we as the human race should finally come together and stamp out while we still can. I am speaking of course of spiders. Yes yes some of you will say that spiders pose no threat to humanity. That they actually provide a valuable service in the form of eating insects and other small bothersome pests. This is merely a rouse that their kind perpetuate to draw suspicion away from their true agenda. Arachnids sole purpose on this planet is to destroy mankind. They lurk in the shadows and under furniture biding their time until they grow strong enough to eradicate us once and for all. They are the embodiment of evil and must be stopped at all costs. Do not feel guilty for squashing them with a tissue or shoe. Believe me if a spider could it would crush you under its boot without a second thought. Their eight legged scheming has to be brought to an end before they rise up against us. Laugh at me if you must but when the day comes when your staring up at their giant gleaming robotic death machines sent to enslave us you'll remember the words of the man that tried to warn you!

Thanks for stopping by and giving my blog a read. I hope you all have an awesome day!



    I don't think I've been able to sit through the entire Achrachnophobia movie. Eight Legged Freaks, yes, but that one was hilarious.

  2. I was able to watch that movie only because as you said it was hilarious. The spiders were so big it was unbelievable & comical. My first ex took me to see Arachnophobia because she thought it would be funny to watch me squirm. That movie was horrible! Not in a bad movie way but in an OMG I wish I weren't watching this way.